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MagneBoss - Accessory Tilt Switch


Tilt Switch

Paddle Switch (Tilt) is designed to trip when the extension’s travel exceeds the pre-set points. Upon proper installation, any build up of coal that exceeds an acceptable amount will trigger the Micro Switch to activate controlling the flow of the coal by starting or stopping the belt. It can be used at dumping points to control spillage. Mount near coal dumping points; do not allow normal flow of coal to touch extension. Wire to the normally open contacts of switch and the pre-determined digital input of the controller (if applicable).

Specification Sheet

SizeEnclosure: 9”L x 4”H x 4”D
Overall: 18”L x 4”H x 4”D (Adjustable extension up to 24”)
Weight 9 pounds (4.1 kg)
ConstructionPainted steel enclosure
Hinged lid w/latch
Hardware Coated Steel
Terminals (3) Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed
Cable access (1) 1” hole, with cord grip
Contact voltage 600VAC max.
Contact Current Maximum 4 Amp
Activation Micro-Switch
Environmental effects-
Temperature 0-46C (32-110F)
Humidity5-95% non-condensing
Warranty 1-yearRev. 180615
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