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MagiKal II Gas Extraction Application

MagiKal II shown in a Gas Extraction Application


MagiKal II automatic calibration system is used when a PC is not available or where equipment other than Rel-Tek's is being used. This system, which is virtually invisible to the monitoring system, allows scheduled unmanned calibrations to be performed. These calibration are programmed into the MagiKal II master card via serial comm port from a laptop or desktop computer. They can also be programmed at the factory and shipped ready to use. The MagiKal II master card can calibrate one sensor and with the addition of the MagiKal II Slave cards upto 16 sensors can be calibrated.

This fully automatic system will help to eliminate labor cost and human errors, while improving the accuracy of the sensor. It can also increase the life of your gas sensors. The scheduled calibration time can take place whenever you feel would be the optimum time to do so, daily, weekly, monthly, end of a shift, middle of the night or right now. You have the choice.