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MagiKal/DX™ - Demonstration Cycle

MagiKal TM demonstration graph.

MagiKal/DX™ - Demonstration Cycle

MagiKal Calibration Chart

A. Start MagiKal/DX™, apply span gas
B. End span gas, apply zero gas
C. End zero gas cycle; computer applies numerical adjustments

The above MagiKal/DX™ demonstration cycle begins with eight purposely mis-calibrated methane sensors and ends with eight fully calibrated units in under 20 minutes. One MagiKal/DX™ system can process up to 64 sensors at a time, within a 200 ft radius, all within the same time frame. An MagiKal/DX™ system can be installed on a wheeled cart and shuttled between sensor groups for economically handling very large plants with hundreds of sensors. The savings in labor and calibration gas cost can pay for MagiKal/DX™ in less than a year.
Note: Variations among sensors reflects the varying distances for cal gas transmission, ranging from 10-175 feet from the MagiKal/DX™ station in this particular demonstration group.