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Date: Nov 3, 2016

I would like to express how pleased I am with the Rel-Tek system. It has been in operation here for two years and not a bit of problem. The interface is excellent and the MagiKal feature lets me know the system is in calibration and functioning properly. I also appreciate the dial out feature and the training for the system was excellent.
John McKee
Facility Maintenance Manager

Transdev Services, Inc.

Date: Jan 7, 2011

"I have been in charge of installing and maintaining three of Rel-Tek's Millennia-DX carbon monoxide monitoring systems at three of our mines for over a year now. I would like to thank Rel-Tek for producing a product as dependable as the ones they provided for our operations. I have been informed by an associate of mineusing a competitor's CO system, that they experience false alarms due to interference of their radios and wireless tracking system. I have not once had a false alarm at any of my three mines. The Rel-Tek CO systems have been working perfect for over a year. The CO sensors and communications cables are as close as 2 feet of our tracking system radios with no false reading. And, communications is so much faster than the competitor's. The Millennia-DX system responds in just one second of detecing CO. If there is anyone looking for a CO system that is fast and trouble free, they need to contract Rel-Tek. From start to finish, the modular Millennia-DX systems were easy to setup, operate and maintain. If I have a question or problem, Rel-Tek's service staff is excellent. A phone call to the plant, and they walk me through any issue I might have. Not so with the competitor's system, I'm told, where service is difficult to obtain. I personally want to thank the Rel-Tek support team for all the help they have provided to me. I am well pleased with our Millennia-DX systems and am happy to say so in writing."
Clyde Fee, Electronics Specialist.
Manalapan Mining Corp., Pathfork, Kentucky

"Just want to say the MagiKal automatic sensor calibration system is working great. It is not very often that I have to do any work on it, because it maintains itself. Thanks"
Brian Nunn, Electrical Maintenance
Golden Empire Transit Authority, Bakersfield, California

Date: Feb 11, 2010

"I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for arranging to have your service representative visit to help troubleshoot and repair our gas monitoring system. His professionalism is outstanding. He and our Tech worked late last night troubleshooting and testing the system. The system has been operational since about 6:00 PM last night and is functioning flawlessly. Your man has been able to spend most of the day working with our Tech so that he understands the system better along with providing training for several of the electricians that will have access to the system. He agreed to stay late again today to train some of the other electricians when they complete their shift at 4:00 PM."
Kent Powell, Hoist Shaft Manager
Morton Salt Corp., Weeks Island, Louisiana

Following comments made by '05 users of Rel-Tek gas monitoring systems -

"The Millennia-DX, GasBoss and MagiKal equipment has performed flawlessly since being installed by Rel-Tek [basic system dates from '98]. <> We are very satisfied with both products and service. <> We have had no problems with sensors or telemetry since they were installed. <> The [auto-cal] tanks have not had to be replaced since the system was upgraded [with MagiKal in '03]. <> There has been a significant reduction in maintenance since installation of the MagiKal system. <> The automatic calibration utility has provided noticeabley better sensor management then the previous manual system. <> I would highly recommend Rel-Tek to my peers and colleages. <> Using Rel-Tek for our methane monitoring needs has been one of the best decisions made by this agency."
SMAT - [A CNG bus transit authority in California]
CNG garage Maintenance Director

I feel the sensors are reliable with or without MagiKal automatic calibration. [System dates from '95; upgraded twice, adding Magikal in '01]. <> We automatically calibrate [38 CH4 and 18 CO] sensors monthly, and our tanks last a year. <> Products are very reliable and technical support is outstanding. <> They are very courteous and responsive. <> Magikal reduces the amount of time spent on calibrating every sensor manually. <>
SMTA - [A large LNG bus transit authority in Texas]
LNG garage Manager of Maintenance

The Rel-tek [CH4] sensors work very well, and the support has been helpful, although we truly needed very little, as the system has performed without failure. <> It actually perfroms better than expected. <>
CECO - [A major gas-well production firm in Virginia]
Well site Instrumentation Engineer.

The equipment [installed in '01] is working as we were told it should. <> We do an auto-calibration once a month and we have only had to replace each set of [cal-gas] tanks once so far [in four years]. <> I believe the auto-calibration virtually eliminates human error. <> We have always been able to call and get answers to any questions we had. <> I can only speculate as to whether our maintenance/labor cost would be different without auto-calibration, because we never operated the system without it. -- but to manually calibrate [37] sensors monthly would seem to be very labor intensive. I would expect to experience problems with human errors and missed schedules as well. <> All the communications/control panels have performed without incident over this same time period. <> I feel the Rel-Tek system has been a good investment for us, and I would recommend this product to anyone who has similar needs. <> I have confident in the Rel-Tek product. <>
LRTA [A CNG bus transit authority in Massachusetts]
Writes the CNG garage Maintenance Manager.

<> We highly recommend this sysytem.<>
KHSD [A large high school district in California using CNG buses]
Writes the CNG garage Maintenance Director.

I am very happy with your product and the response from your technicians when I called with concerns. I wish you well at your new facility and thanks again for all of your help.
Ray Myatt
University of New Hampshire
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